Structural analysis of right-angled building contours

We present a model-based method for the automatic analysis of structures in aerial images or maps. The model of the objects to be recognized is described in the form of a production net. The production net represents a hierarchical organization of sub-concepts and production rules. This paper focuses on analyzing right-angled building contours in images and maps. As test data aerial images of vertical and oblique views and a large scale vector map (1:5000) of urban area are used. The modeling, the analysis of different image sources and the generalization of right-angled buildings is demonstrated by the example of image and map data taken from the same urban area of Karlsruhe.
Stilla U, Michaelsen E, Jurkiewicz K (1998) Structural analysis of right-angled building contours. In: Schenk T, Habib A (eds) Object recognition and scene classification from multi-spectral amd multi-sensor pixels. International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Vol. 32, Part 3/1, 379-386
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