Semanantic modelling of man-made objects by production nets

A representational scheme for the analysis of man-made structures in aerial images and maps is described. Knowledge about object structures is represented by a set of productions. The interaction of the productions is depicted by production nets. The approach is discussed in relation to similar representations. Two example nets are given to demonstrate the flexibility and applicability of the approach. The first one is on the automatic 3D structure analysis of suburban scenes in series of aerial images. The second is on the automatic construction of descriptions of complex buildings in vector maps.
Stilla U, Michaelsen E (1997) Semanantic modelling of man-made objects by production nets. In: Gruen A, Baltsavias EP, Henricsson O (eds) Automatic extraction of man-made objects from aerial and space images (II). Ascona Workshop. 43-52. Basel: Birkhäuser
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