Building reconstruction using different views and context knowledge

This paper presents a model-based method for the automatic analysis of structures in aerial images. The model of the objects to be recognized is described in the form of a production net. The production net represents a hierarchical organization of subconcepts and production rules. We focus on analyzing multiple aerial images and exploiting map information with production nets. As test data aerial images in the scale 1:6300 and a large scale map (1:5000) of urban area are used. A simple example shows how a building is reconstructed spatially and how the verification uses the map information.
Stilla U, Geibel R, Jurkiewicz K (1997) Building reconstruction using different views and context knowledge. In: Baltsavias EP, et al. (eds) 3D Reconstruction and modelling of Topographic Objects. Joint ISPRS Commission III/IV Workshop, Stuttgart, Intern. Arch. of Photogr. and Rem. Sens., Vol. 32, Part 3-4W2, 129-136
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