Structural 3D-analysis of urban scenes from aerial images

This paper presents a model-based method for the automatic analysis of structures in aerial images. The model of the objects to be recognized is described in the form of a production net. The production net represents a hierarchical organisation of subconcepts and production rules. The production rules are implemented in a blackboard architecture as knowledge sources. The database of the blackboard system is stored in an associative memory. The recognition of spatial objects from an image sequence is illustrated by an example of a simple model for the geometric 3D-reconstruction of a roof. An ISPRS test dataset was used in order to evaluate the efficiency of the analysis system.
Stilla U, Jurkiewicz K (1996) Structural 3D-analysis of urban scenes from aerial images. In: Kraus K, Waldhäusel P (eds) XVIIIth ISPRS Congress, Intern. Arch. of Photogr. and Rem. Sens., Vol. 31, Part B3, 832-838
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