Automatic extraction of buildings from aerial images

This paper presents a model-based method for the automatic 3D-analysis of man-made structures in aerial images. Objects to be recognized like buildings are modeled by productions and depicted by a production net. Different types of models and productions are distinguished. A parametric model of a simple gabled roof is used to give an example for a production net and to illustrate the processing steps of the image analysis. Also generic models are discussed. In order to automatically test and evaluate implemented production nets of parametric models a test bed is proposed.
Stilla U, Michaelsen E, Lütjen K (1996) Automatic extraction of buildings from aerial images. In: Leberl F, Kalliany R, Gruber M (eds) Methods for extracting and mapping buildings, roads and other man-made structures from images. IAPR TC-7 Workshop, München: Oldenburg
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