Map-aided structural analysis of aerial images

A syntax-oriented method for a map-aided analysis of structures in aerial images is proposed. First the map must be analysed in order to obtain a suitable representation of its knowledge content. A special kind of graph, a so-called image-description graph is the result of this map analysis. The knowledge of the map, represented on different description levels, is used to control the search process during the image analysis. Based on this knowledge, expectations for attribute values of image objects are defined. Generated objects are assessed relative to the expectations of the map and the object model. A set-oriented selection method is applied to deduce the processing priority using these two assessments. Expected objects are preferably processed for building up more complex objects. Thus the map-aided analysis can be used to reduce processing time for a verification task.
Stilla U (1995) Map-aided structural analysis of aerial images. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 50(4):3-10
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