Model based methods of image analysis for map updating

One of the main research topics since 1992 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing has been the integrated analysis of map and image semantics. It is the purpose of this paper to forward basic insights. Resorting to related questions as treated by other disciplines like Phylosophy and Linguistics has shown to be helpful. Map and image display different aspects of one scenes. To use these projections for understanding the scene, analysis on a symbolical level is necessary. To perform this analysis, we are using models which describe the objects of the scene semantically. In this paper two systems for model based analysis are presented. The used model representations and the analysis strategies are described side by side. Taking the example of map-based image analysis, the general procedure and its implementation in the two systems is shown.
Bähr HP, Quint F, Stilla U (1995) Modellbasierte Verfahren der Luftbildanalyse zur Kartenfortfürung. ZPF Zeitschrift für; Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung, 63(6):224-234
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